World Hockey Manager, data from the soft launch

By Tomas Nordström

26 January 2017



World Hockey Manager has since December been in soft launch on Google Play in the Czech Republic.

In this first phase, we tested the onboarding, which is how users tend to implement the game's introduction where they enroll, create their team, get to know their squad and play friendlies. The introduction takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. So far, we have about 1,000 registered users, of which 55% have gone through the entire process. It is a good number for a first iteration, but it needs to be at least 70% before we can start buying large quantities of players.

Even more gratifying is that the first users have been recruited at a cost of 0.39 USD each. The cost of recruiting players will vary depending on the audience, time and country.

Gold Town Games are working in a data-driven development process where we frequently update and adjust the game's features to gradually bring in more players, and measure their behavior. This work is done in close co-operation with AppAgent and Swrve, to optimize traffic into the game. When we are satisfied with the numbers from the onboarding, we will start measuring retention, which is how users stay over time. The last step of the soft launch is monetization, where we test the willingness of our users to make in-app purchases.

5 January 2017

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