How to develop your players in World Hockey Manager

By Tomas Nordström

7 February 2017

A key factor for success as a manager is to train and develop players. Let’s take a closer look at how to do it in World Hockey Manager.

Player Attributes
Each player has a rating between 1-99 separated into twelve different attributes. These attributes are divided into three offensive, three defensive, three physical and three mental. These numbers form a total overall value of the player, in the form of stars. A player can fill a maximum of five stars, meaning that it is a world class player and is therefore very rare. To reach five stars, the player will need a perfect mix of all elements.

The Trainer
Just like the players, the staff members will be graded from 1-5 stars, and the attributes of your trainers will be reflected on the players' ability to evolve. The best trainers will, however, be difficult to obtain and will also require a proper salary. Besides the usual trainers, you can also hire a physio to strengthen your team’s physical values.

Training Facilities
Your club's training facilities can be upgraded up to twelve levels. For each level, your players will be given better opportunities for development. As a manager you decide if you want to spend your construction time of renovating the stadium or on your surrounding facilities. There are six different facilities, and if you want to prioritize your players development you should focus on upgrading your training facilities.

Ability to Develop
Young players will have a better chance to assimilate practices and develop faster. By upgrading your youth academy you can produce more and better talents to sign into your roster. The more ice-time given in your team, the quicker your talents will grow. Although, looking at short-term results you may have a better chance of winning by playing senior (and fully developed) players.

Exercise Intensity
Depending on how much ice-time you give your players (you can set the scheduled ice time for each formation), they will be tired after games. The timeframe to your next game can vary and the players will recover hour after hour. Therefore, it is important to adjust the intensity of training so that players can be recovered for the next match. Hard training provides faster development, but can also compromise your players energy ahead of the next game.

Training Drills
Every week there will be a number of standard exercises available that you can use to train your team, each affecting different attributes. You can use one of them every day, and as soon as you activate them you will see the effect and which of your players that improved. One or more players are likely to make some progress every day. In addition to these standard exercises, there are ways to get more, which can further increase the pace of development.

As soon as the game has been launched globally, we will begin to report on the best talents and the highest valued players in the world. Maybe some of those players will be one you have developed yourself?

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