Goodbye 2016, Welcome 2017!

We can now look back at an exciting 2016. After a flying start to the year with a successful flotation, a move to a bigger place and a couple of key recruitments, we have been working hard towards the soft launch - and yes, we are finally there. We have successfully launched a first version of World Hockey Manager to a limited market, meaning that the development of the game can move into a new phase. We all look forward to an even more exciting 2017!

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, we have chosen the Czech Republic and Android-devices only for our soft launch, meaning that the game is so far only available in the Czech Play Store. Initially, many of the game's features will be locked to be opened up later on. In this first stage, our main interest is to see if our onboarding flow works and therefore we are only recruiting a small number of users. Once the onboarding is well trimmed and more features is added we will gradually increase our marketing activity to reach more users.

Since we are testing the onboarding with only a couple of hundred users we don’t have any relevant data to share, as it is too early to draw conclusions from the data that we have collected. Our next step is to adress early bugs and add more gaming features, once that is done within the next pair of weeks we will recruit more users to get more numbers to base our calculations on.

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