Feedback helps us improve World Hockey Manager

By Tomas Nordström

7 June 2017

First, we would like to extend our gratitude to the growing number of users, the people who visit us and test the game, and to those who have written to us via reviews, social media or email. Thanks to you, we receive important data and feedback that can work toward constantly improving the game.

Since Christmas, WHM has been available in the hockey crazy Czech Republic. Now, we are turning to the next country with a strong hockey tradition – our neighbors, Finland. At the same time, we have released several major features, including the in-game shop and cardpacks. We are looking forward to receiving user feedback on this. Very soon, the game will also be available on iOS in these countries. 

While we were launching WHM in Finland, we also had our first official display of the game at the games festival Nordsken in Skellefteå. Over 10,000 visitors passed us during the three days, and several took time to test all parts of the game. Many of them talked nostalgically about how they grew up playing manager games and looked forward to having the game in their pocket instead of in the home computer. Overall, the reviews on the game were very positive during these days.

We also conduct continuous quality tests with people visiting us. It has helped us understand how users use the product, how they solve tasks and to make sure that the navigation raise the level of user experience. This is a good complement to the quantitative data provided by the wide variety of users.

We are also happy for all the committed users who contact us via social channels, reviews or email. We collect your views and try to answer all questions. Do not hesitate to send us your feedback. Together with you we aim to create the best hockey manager game possible.

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