By Tomas Nordström

21 November 2016

Tomorrow, November 22, the new NHL-team Las Vegas will reveal their full name and logo. Will it be Silver Knights, Desert Knights or Golden Knights?


In any case, it is always interesting to see new clubs develop and see how they build their brand and organization, which players they engage and how quickly they can become a competition for the other teams in the league. And as interesting as the real world is, following the development of teams around the world in World Hockey Manager will be equally intriguing.

As we have mentioned before, each player in World Hockey Manager will be unique by name, qualities, nationality and much more. This also goes for every team. Users will begin the registration by choosing a team name, a club logo and thereafter designing their team jerseys. Here are some examples of how it might look. Time to start thinking about the identity for your team!

Another interesting feature connected to the ranking lists is that users can tag their account with a real world hockey team. Fans of a team can thereby compare themselves against each other, and have their own champion within the fan group each season.

7 November 2016

Handling lineups We have experimented with a classical list view, which gives an overview of all formations, and an alternative view where the team members are boxed in bigger frames. The list view i…