By Tomas Nordström

23 September 2016

We will soon start implementing quality tests for World Hockey Manager. The purpose is to test game and design hypotheses through qualitative usability tests. The knowledge about behavior and ambiguities collected from these tests will be used to adjust the game before launching it. As a step in this quality assurance, we will begin testing the alpha version of the game during the first week of October. The test is aimed at a handful selected players, categorized by different user behaviors.

Apply to be our alpha tester
(No longer in effect)
We are looking for players in the Skellefteå area, who want to test the game for 30-60 minutes. The testing will be documented and followed by questions about the experience. If you are interested in being our alpha tester, or try the game later on before the launch, apply here. 

Depending on your answers in the application questionnaire, you will be placed in a player category. We will select a couple of players from each category for this test. The selected alpha testers will be notified via e-mail.

If you are not selected this first round of testing, we will still keep your details in our register, but you will not receive any further notice now. Note: The application form, as well as the alpha test, is in Swedish. If you are not Swedish speaking, but still want a shot at trying the game pre-launch, fill in your details in the form, answer ’1’ on all the questions and submit! We might need your help later on!

16 September 2016

New additions to the team: Meet Randy Schouten
We sat down with Randy Schouten, who has travelled a long way to be part of Gold Town Games. From Breda to Skellefteå. How does it feel to be here?It is very nice here! I absolutely love the weather…

9 September 2016

Pocket Gamer Connects - en kort resumé
"Den verkliga utvecklingen av F2P-spel börjar vid launch" Ett centralt ämne som diskuterades under konferensen var free-to-play-modellens inflytande på mobilspelsbranschen. Sedan introduktionen 20…

2 September 2016

De första spelvyerna från world hockey manager
Användarvänligheten är et avgörande moment för att lyckas med spel i allmänhet, och mobilspel i synnerhet. Det extra kapital som tillfördes bolaget under våren gav oss möjlighet att satsa ordentligt p…