Do you have ice in your veins?

We have one mission at World Hockey Manager, and that is to give you all things hockey. To keep your veins ice cold and make every day feel like a playoff day. That is why we are currently looking for you who share our passion for faceoffs, assists, goals, men with beards on ice with a bucket, to help us create the best content for our global audience.


In addition to thinking that if it wasn’t for high sticking, hooking, fighting we might as well watch figure skating, you need to have a razor sharp pen, a keen eye for all things hockey (the nerdier the better), be able to self organize and keep deadlines and have time to write twice a month. We will together create the content plan and you will be surrounded by a team of specialists who will make sure that your content is distributed to the right people at the right time. 

Now is the time to get those skates moving, push high up, aim for the top corner and drop us a line or two about why you should be a part of our team on

About WHM: World Hockey Manager is a community of 50000 global hockey fans in Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, USA ++++. Every day we love to train our team, set up the lines, give the instructions and let the hockey gods decide the fate of our team. And every day our community is growing with more hockey heads. 

World Hockey Manager is part of Gold Town Games family.